Crazy Chick Chucks Frying Pan at Boyfriend for Fishing Too Much

Well, there is always a first time for reporting on things. This seems to be one of those times for us. This is completely factual, by the way.

A Florida chick, 25 year old Katie Lou Gottlich, has been charged with misdemeanor domestic battery by the police after allegedly chucking a frying pan at her boyfriend’s head on Wednesday. Her reason? He had been fishing too much and was not doing enough around the house for their young kid.

The victim phoned 911 and stated that he had been out fishing for a few days and when he got home, the tragic assault happened. Pasco County officers say that Gottlich chucked the large frying pan at the boyfriend’s head in the backyard while he wasn’t looking. She allegedly fled the house after the incident occurred, but the officers did find the pot in the backyard. They did not, however, see any immediate sign of injury on the man.

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