Bar called ‘The Clitoris’ shut down after men were unable to find it

A local bar called ‘The Clitoris’ has been closed down just two months into business with management blaming the location and men’s inability to find it.

‘The Clitoris’ was supposed to breathe new life & joy into the town’s fleeting bar scene but has closed its doors after two months.

‘We had quite a few female customers but barely any men at all. It just wasn’t enough to keep the bar above par,’ said manager Kenny Lingus.

The fact that many potential customers complained that they were unable to find ‘The Clitoris’ is surprising considering its central location, although the bar did have an flag covering its sign.

Meanwhile, a newly opened gay bar named ‘The G-Spot’ is doing very well despite its well-hidden location around the backside of town.

‘I think this proves that it’s just straight men who have a terrible sense of direction,’ one gay man told us.

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